Energy management and monitoring system for smart grids

The Inavitas ADMS is a monitoring and management system that enables you to deliver a safe and reliable electricity supply.

Drive productivity in your network

Increase the reliability, resiliency and efficiency of your grid


Inavitas intelligent devices and smart software are cost effective solutions to increase efficiency and the resiliency.

Be Prepared for
Power Outages

Inavitas Outage Management System module will improve the health of your system.

Optimise Your

Reduce maintenance costs and management time with real-time monitoring.

Hosting Capacity

Smart monitoring and management will improve the hosting capacity of your grid.

We’re proud to offer unique features to
improve a safe and reliable electricity supply


SCADA,DMS (Distributed Energy Management System) and OMS (Outage Management System) are all together.​

Web Based

Web based user interfaces, designed for excellence and efficiency.

Interface Design

Advanced real time integrations, Geographical Information System (GIS), Customer Information System (CIS), Workforce Management System (WFM) and more.

Easy to

Inavitas ADMS has a unique design that makes integration easier. System is fully integrated with single database and network model, including advanced applications.


Inavitas ADMS and Inavitas smart devices offer a complete monitoring and management solution.

inavitas T&D Software

Take advantages of the digital future

Almost all rooftops have photovoltaic (PV) panels, consumers are producers at the same time. All consumers/producers can trade in energy without any intermediary. All the processes are quantified and real-time everything is possible. Digitalisation is happening. Hence, Inavitas ADMS offers utilities to embrace the change.

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