Inavitas Solar is a real-time monitoring system for O&Ms, investors, solar plant owners that provides an increased performance ratio of solar power generation by up to 5 %.

Performance monitoring and management system for solar power plants

Maximise production & revenue

Communicate with your solar power plant

Maximisation of
Solar Production & Revenue

Grid Requirements

Increase in the Economical
Life of Your Solar Plant

Efficiency in Operational
& Maintenance Activity

Why Inavitas Solar?

Real time Solar Monitoring and
Feedback of Systems

Real-time solar performance monitoring and feedback of systems, allowing you to instantly identify and locate faulty components.​

Holistic Monitoring of
Energy Flow and Performance

Holistic monitoring of energy flow and performance from PV panels to MV/HV grid and even easy integration with third party SCADA.

A Make-Model
Independent Structure

A make-model independent structure that enables interoperability between Inavitas solar and third- party devices at all levels.


Forecasting capabilities that allows you to estimate your production for comparison against actual data and estimated data.

More visibility of your energy system for better operational decisions

inavitas Solar - Solar Energy Manageöent Software

Let Inavitas increase your revenue

The Inavitas suite of products constitutes a complete software and hardware package that delivers comprehensive analytics and give you complete control over all of your solar power plant’s assets in real-time.

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