Reduce your operational costs

Comprehensive and customised energy management solution for all your operational cost-cutting needs.

Demand Charge

Evenly distributes consumption to avoid peaks, and optimises non-critical loads for maximum efficiency.

Energy Storage

Effectively stores your energy to decrease payback time of solar investment and maximise your financial investment.


Provides customised solution for your business specific need with significant technical and site application experience.​

What is the uniqueness of Inavitas?

Easy to

Orchestrates production, consumption, and storage, enabling you to maximise the benefits of each stage.​

Easy to

Easy integration to other systems. Operates independently of brands and models

Easy to
Install & Commission

Accessible set-up process: no installation hassle, no complex commissioning process.​

inavitas Flex software

Inavitas energy management system offers customised solutions for every business.

Let Inavitas deal with your electricity bill by managing your energy production and consumption through storage options or load switching.

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