Who we are

T4E is at the forefront of researching, developing, and delivering smart energy management solutions for energy systems of all scales. Through the Inavitas Suite, T4E provides real-time monitoring and analytical tools for use in residential and commercial energy systems. For industry players in renewable energy production and smart grids, our company provides state of the art SCADA systems, including the completion of turnkey design and installation.

With our well-known research and development centre on board, we are here to push the boundaries of cutting-edge technology in energy management solutions.

What is Inavitas

Inavitas is a complete solution with an easy-to-use cloud-based software platform and robust, IoT-driven hardware. Inavitas gives a real-time monitoring and analytical capabilities over your systems.

The Inavitas Suite is built for decision makers at every level who wants to make smooth and timely decisions throughout the investment, operation, and maintenance processes that maximise revenue and increase efficiency.

Unlike conventional monitoring systems, the suite integrates seamlessly into your infrastructure, empowering you with highly flexible monitoring equipment at low installation costs and little effort on your part.


Founded in 2012, The company is now a global operation, with established presences in the Australia, USA, India and Turkey.

Core values

• Our customers are worthy of the utmost respect and courtesy

• Development is driven by creativity, invention and innovation.

• Honesty, integrity and business ethics are pervasive throughout all aspects of our operation.

T4E in numbers

20 distribution company clients

750 power generation facilities

More than 20,000 devices with over 600,000 data collection points in operation

In operation across 4 countries

1000 Customers to date

Our Team

Alper Çetin, Ph.D.

Chief Technical Officer

CTO (Chief Technical Officer) in the Renewable Energy Industry

Endoks Energy Systems

He received B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department from Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey in 2001, 2004 and 2010, respectively. He had been with TUBITAK UZAY Power Electronics Group as a chief researcher for 10 years after graduation, and managed many turn-key power quality projects.

After 2011, he started to work as R&D Director and Managing Partner in Endoks. He managed many R&D projects on power quality issues, as well as many turn-key reactive power compensation and power quality monitoring projects for distribution systems. He is still working as Chief Technical Officer in Endoks.

Gokcen Yilmaz

Managing Director


Experienced Managing Director in the Renewable Energy Industry

T4E Energy Systems

I am the part of an amazing team at T4E towards becoming the market leader in renewable energy in Australia.
I am an experienced project manager and engineer, working in Europe and Australia since 2006 managing energy projects.
I specialise in developing streamlined processes, maximising efficiency, and ensuring customer satisfaction. Solving energy challenges gives me energy.
I am a committed advocate of renewable energy and working with people and organisations to embed sustainables into their day-to-day processes.
I believe technology needs to be user-friendly and simple, created to work for people, not the other way around.
I am fluent in Turkish and English and am always keen for opportunities to practice my English slang over a good, strong coffee and a chat.
Connect with me on LinkedIn for networking, career opportunities, news on renewables and tech, and much more.

Alper Terciyanli, Ph.D.

Chief Growth Officer

CGO (Chief Growth Officer) in the Renewable Energy Industry

Endoks Energy Systems

I am dedicated to make the vision of Endoks Energy Systems a reality: to elevate the renewables industry to be the preferred choice to fulfil the world’s energy needs.
I’m very proud to be the guy leading the growth of Endoks in IoT, utilities, and renewables markets.
My areas of expertise are power systems, power quality, medium/high power converters, and distribution systems.
I worked with the national research institute of Turkey for more than 10 years, and managed many turn-key projects in power quality and energy management.
After the establishment of Endoks, I started to focus more on IoT and energy management.
I have been working on smart grids, IoT-based technologies for energy management, and integration of renewables for the last seven years.
Over this time, I have refined my expertise of the renewable energy industry and technologies.
I work in renewables because I believe that we need innovative solutions to sustain our planet while providing reliable energy and sustainable growth.
We need these answers today because tomorrow will be too late.
This knowledge motivates me to work on technologies that promote a green future for our kids.
In fact, I often think of these things when I’m enjoying some down time with my lovely daughters.
Connect with me on LinkedIn for networking, career opportunities, news on renewables and tech, and much more.

Erman Terciyanli, M.Sc.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer in the Renewable Energy Industry

T4E Energy Systems

Renewables have always been at the heart of my work.
As CEO of T4E, I am in the fortunate position of working with cutting-edge technology while advancing energy systems that will aid in the preservation of our natural environment.
For me, this is my ultimate win/win scenario. I believe that the latest renewable energy systems not only provide the answer to sustainable power for our modern world but also make life easier and more comfortable for everyone.

My vision for the future of energy is to make it accessible for everybody with zero emissions and maximum efficiency.
I see everything pointing to a time in the near future where this is a reality, and I want to help make it happen sooner rather than later.

I am an avid reader and researcher, so connect with me on LinkedIn for my insights into the renewable energy industry, networking, news, and more.

Adnan Acik, M.Sc.

Chief Technology Officer

Chief technology Officer in the Renewable Energy Industry

Endoks Energy Systems

The world’s energy needs are growing and require increasingly innovative solutions to fulfil demand. I believe renewable energy provides the best solution for sustainable, clean, reliable power, and this is why I have dedicated my professional career to this field.
My role is to provide leadership and expertise in all aspects of the renewable energy industry and to facilitate the relationship between business and clean energy. I am actively involved in the research and development of technology in the industry,  creating ideal fits between business needs and green energy provision.
I believe when technology is fit-for-purpose, it becomes seamless, efficient, and a pleasure to use. Follow me on LinkedIn for all things renewable energy, technology, career opportunities, and more.

Serdar Yilmaz

Country Head Australia & NZ

Empowering Businesses and People

T4E Australia

To me, my role in sustainable energy is like a puzzle that I solve every day: connecting people to the right data and the right technology for maximum efficiency. I am highly capable in increasing efficiency in all the lifecycles of energy, from generation through transmission/distribution, right up to consumption. I enable  businesses and people to make smarter decisions with the help of data analytics and implementation of modern, affordable, and cutting-edge technologies.

I specialise in the implementation of:
• Remote and Real-Time PV – Wind power generation plants performance monitoring (large scale/commercial/residential)
• Smart Grid – Remote and real time Power Quality Monitoring at both the network level and consumer side) I’m excited to be part of the solution.

Connect with me on LinkedIn for more news and updates on the renewable energy industry, particularly the latest technology.

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