Energy monitoring and management system for all scales



Large Scale PV

Smart Grids

Inavitas Energy Monitoring and Management System combines software and energy monitoring device solutions
which work together and enables greater saving for everyone.


Intelligent energy management and monitoring solutions for your home

Inavitas gives you the ultimate control over your energy at home

With Inavitas, it is now possible to monitor, analyse, and make informed decisions about your energy use in real-time. Our software enables you to monitor your solar production and control your appliances from anywhere at anytime.

Home Energy Monitoring and Management

Inavitas home energy management system offers


Inavitas works with any energy system. Even with monitoring alone you can save up to 7% off your electricity bill.


Affordable investment that offers simplicity, comfort and ways to save.

Control Your

With Inavitas you can monitor and control your appliance, from your fridge to your pool pump. No more surprises.

Return on Investment

Get a return on your solar investment faster with our intelligent and tailored energy management system.

Inavitas is an accessible platform that allows you to manage your information easily, no technical knowledge required.


Comprehensive energy management solution for your business

Commercial Building Energy Management and Monitoring

Transforming energy costs into saving

Reduce the operational costs of your business by taking control of your electricity without sacrificing commercial priorities.

Refine your energy management with the Inavitas suite of products


Inavitas energy management system enables business owners to improve performance of their operations.

Fleet Management

Inavitas provides you with more visibility of your system and advanced load control features that make fleet management a breeze.

Demand Charge

Inavitas evenly distributes consumption to avoid peaks, and optimises non-critical loads for maximum efficiency.

inavitas Flex Software and Mobile Application

Inavitas energy management system offers customised solutions for every business.

Let Inavitas deal with your electricity bill by managing your energy production and consumption through storage options or load switching.

Large Scale Solar

Real-time, fully customisable performance monitoring for decision makers at all levels

Let Inavitas Solar’s real-time performance monitoring, analysis & control systems improve the performance ratio of your solar plant by up to 5%

Solar Power Plant Energy Management and Monitoring


Ensure your solar power plant is performing as expected

Real-time Solar Monitoring
and Feedback of Systems

Real-time solar monitoring and feedback of systems, allowing you to instantly identify and locate faulty components.

Revenue Generation

Maximisation of production & revenue

inavitas Solar - Solar Energy Manageöent Software

Let Inavitas increase your revenue

The Inavitas suite of products constitutes a complete solar monitoring software and hardware package that delivers comprehensive analytics and give you complete control over all of your solar power plant’s assets in real-time.

Smart Grids

Advanced Distribution Management System

Smart Grids

The Inavitas ADMS is a monitoring and management system that enables you to deliver a safe and reliable electricity supply.

Save Your Time

Reduced installation and commission time with smart Inavitas devices

Increase Efficiency

Access from everywhere, anytime with web based structure and an intelligent alarming system

Be Ready for Change

Distributed energy generation, energy storage are in place and be ready to increase  your system hosting capacity

Take advantages of the digital future

Almost all rooftops have photovoltaic (PV) panels, consumers are producers at the same time. All consumers/producers can trade in energy without any intermediary. All the processes are quantified and real-time everything is possible. Digitalisation is happening. Hence, Inavitas ADMS offers utilities to embrace the change.

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